I don’t like my smile

In today’s world there are lots of options we can consider to help improve your smile. There is a range of cosmetic options that we can assist with to correct a number of teeth issues. These options can be discussed with your dentist to see if they are recommended for you. Options available to you can assist with Teeth whitening, Crooked teeth, Gaps, Teeth shape, Worn teeth, Missing teeth and Damaged teeth.

Options for Treatment:

There are many treatment options available depending on what you want to change about your smile. Come in and see us so we can discuss the best options with you.  We can assist with teeth whitening, veneers, fillings, implants, and dentures. You will also find more information on our website specific to your particular concern.

Does it hurt?

There can be some discomfort with different procedures, depending on what is required. Whilst we can’t promise a completely pain free experience, we do our best to talk you through every step along the way and make sure you are comfortable through all treatment. We will ensure that you are completely numb, and stop at any time you need to.

For our patients who are scared or who find it difficult to sit through lengthy treatments, we can offer oral sedation so that they are relaxed on arrival and during treatment.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on the solution that you and your dentist agree is the best option for you. Once we understand the preferred solution then we can discuss the cost and payment options with you.

If you are a member of BUPA or HBF health funds – we are a preferred provider, so you will maximise your benefit when you make a claim for your treatment. Alternatively, if you have a Centrelink income, you may be entitled to government funding to assist with your treatment, under the Country Dental Health Services scheme.

If you haven’t been to our surgery before we are happy to arrange a 15-minute gap free consultation to do a brief examination of your mouth, and discuss treatment options. At your consultation it is likely that the dentist will recommend a full examination and some x-rays for starters to determine fully what your treatment plan should be.